Water Power Propulsion & System Configuration Solutions

R&D of Propellers

More Professional

High Quality

High Efficiency

Underwater Thruster

Latest Design

Oil Sealed

Better Waterproof

More Easy to Maintain

Underwater 50M
Underwater 300M

High efficiency, large thrust, small size, use flexible and easy to control.

Can provide thrust for underwater equipments (instruments) or underwater robots, specially designed for ROV, AUV, underwater vehicles, water or underwater leisure equipments, aquaculture industry, underwater cleaning equipments and so on ......

Water-Jet Pump

Full set processed by CNC, made of aluminum, clear anodizing.

Can be used for RC boats, small boats under special circumstances.

Structure Reliable
High Efficiency
Use Flexible
Easy to Assembly

Assembly Ducted Propellers

3 Blades
4 Blades

Special Ducted Design

Suitable for Complicated Waters

No Entangled by Hydrophytes

More Blades



Electric Motor Overboard Hang Up



Can change direction by bracket,  the rotation angle about ±30°.







10-Year Profashional Brand

Established in April 2010, located in Changsha, China.


Quality Assurance        Kenzen RC Manufacturing

Focus on our own brand ---- "KENZEN RC", R & D and produce in the underwater power propulsion units, remote control boats and accessories.

A various type of high-quality products, such as Underwater Thruster, Power Propulsion, Water-Jet Unit, Pump, Propeller, Outboard Motors, Submarine Engines etc......

Offer small batch custom made. Provide various supporting underwater product development, provide power propulsion and power system configuration solutions.can also design and develop special propulsion units for ROV (underwater vehicle), AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle), underwater submarine and various underwater leisure equipment